Write For Us Food

Write For Us Food

FoodMate is the biggest blogging platform in the world. We, as a rapidly expanding platform, are pleased to announce that we are now looking for enthusiastic people who can write engaging and informative articles on food. Contributing to our blog will enable you to share your thoughts and work with our passionate audience. We are here to encourage your ideas whether you are a newbie or an expert. You have come to the proper place if you are seeking for a chance to have your excellent articles published in a well-known food website and want to write for us.   

Submission Guidelines

The guidelines stated below are what we want you to do if you are interested in submitting your thoughts on our blog.

Word Limit:

We anticipate that you will come up with a well-researched, more than 1000 word informative piece that is both search engine friendly and captivating to readers. 


It is imperative that you choose a topic for your article that is relevant to our blog. By doing this, you may make sure that your post publishes on our site sooner. As a result, you must ensure that the article you write and submit is relevant to the food on our blog. We don’t currently accept any other topics, so please don’t give us any content that has nothing to do with these topics because it probably won’t be posted.


The article should be formatted properly, with appropriate use of headings, paragraphs, bullets, etc, to make it easier for the reader to read and visually appealing.

  • Make sure your sentences are understandable and precise.
  • Each point is easier to distinguish with the use of bullet points, which also serve to organize the content.
  • Write no more than two or three sentences in each paragraph.
  • Keep a conversational and casual tone. Inform rather than preach. 


The article must be written by you. It is completely unique and has never been published before. We would not post your article if a duplicate was found on the Internet.  


Make certain that the images are relevant to the content, original, and of high-quality.


You may include a link to your own blog if the content is relevant. We also include a short bio and photo with a link to your website at the end of the piece. Additionally, the piece cannot be in any way promotional or an advertisement. 

How To Submit Your Article?

Microsoft Word or Google Docs are two ways in which you can submit your articles. 

You can submit your articles to sales [at] Medhaavi.net with the appropriate subject line “Food Write For Us”.  

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